THE WALL of Fame



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Mosstie - Need a camping site that allows cute puppies!

Casey - The Poker Committee has voted... you are banned for life!

Tamster - How is fat finger meaniehead doing?

Riles - Keep your pole in the water.

Nora - Big Woman... get ready to serve BR some beers.

Scat Pack - The Who might have lost a step, but you haven't!

Robe - Are you having a Memorial Day Party?

Sharky - You need to go through BR President of the Camping Committee!

5-Hole - Bring a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue... thanks.

Nash - We need to go out and Toast Anton.

L - I need a favor?

Wang - Molly wants to come over!

Sandy - Hi Baby!

Pukesick - I bought a motorcycle!!!

Zylka - We need Hooters back!

Craig E - I'm ready to move!  Get me a cushy job!

Matt - Will you ever read this?