Dead Pool


The List as of:  3-20-17

1. Matt -  Well Bud... I'm just going on what Dr. Oz says!

2. Casey - He drinks, smokes and swears... "Ah shit, I left my cigarettes at the bar! " Sorry Casey, you're still near the top of my list! 

3. Prick - Well... you are just the oldest!

4. Whitey - I have to keep you here just because of 4 girls.

5. Riles - Daisy and JR, are going to kill you!

6. Big Roge - Acid Reflux meds are restricting my already restricted blood arteries!

7. Maustie - No worries!  All you have to do is get out of bed!

8.  Jimmy - You got the life and a great dog!

9. Rob - The only stress you have is picking out a new car!



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